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Our warmest greetings and our message to you: Hello Guten Tag Bonjour Moien Hello


As an agency, we are a friendly mix of IT specialists, engineers, new media professionals, designers, marketing specialists, and PR professionals. We take an interdisciplinary approach when it comes to the way we think and work. Individually, each and every member of our team possesses know-how, creativity, and an ability to think for themselves. Together, we are passionately customer-focused, thoroughly efficient, and enjoy our work.

As a team, we have a clear focus on small and medium-sized enterprises and an excellent understanding of how to market complex products and services that need to be explained to the customer.

In short: we value our customers and love what we do.

Welcome to M8 communication.

Partner to SMEs


A little self-promotion is allowed, right?!

We’re particularly good at the conception, development, implementation, and management of digital marketing and sales solutions in the B2B and B2C area. And we’re equally well-versed in the creation and implementation of analogue communication measures.

Our favourite way to work is in a cooperative relationship with our customers, in a way that is quick, informative, and results-oriented.

On request, we can provide our clients with our experts, who will help take them straight to their business goals.

Many of our customers come from technical industries and market highly complex products or services that require explanation. But we also have customers from other areas who rely on the creative know-how, online competence, and versatility of M8.



Cross-media on all channels

Our customers advertise to grow. And we grow with each new task we are given. We listen carefully, ask questions, look closely, and work with you to develop a successful communication strategy.

One  that fits the requirements of our clients, reaches their target groups with laser-like precision, increases sales, retains customers, and stays in line with budgets. This creates benefits for everyone involved.



Focusing on: optimising your competitiveness

Successful marketing requires a clear message. This is especially true when it comes to marketing highly complex products and services that need to be explained; this is our speciality. M8 turns complicated into simple, putting the benefits to the customer front-and-centre and into the minds of the target group.



In both communication and collaboration

Our agency is based in the idyllic Luxembourgish town of Wintrange, surrounded by vineyards and right next door to the European border town of Schengen on the river Moselle. An ideal spot when it comes to working creatively and efficiently for the benefit of our customers.

We look forward to hearing from you – whether it's via phone, e-mail, or a spontaneous meet-up for coffee.


+352 27 860 637


M8 Agence de Publicité S.A.
2-4, Dentzescheck
L-5495 Wintrange

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